Check out who made Forbes’ list of risk-taking entrepreneurs

Forbes Magazine

Who knew that playing with LEGO could be so risky? Forbes came out with their list of risk-taking entrepreneurs and included my jump from law to LEGO on the list. In the article, Jane Lee writes: “There’s a fundamental reason why making real decisions and taking real risks is so hard: It requires freedom–freedom from the loyalties, expectations and fears that inevitably fog our risk-vs.-reward equation.” I suppose my change from negotiating contracts to creating with bricks was risky, but it also made a lot of sense. My freedom to take a risk came from the support of my friends and family. So if I hadn’t said it enough before, thanks again everyone!

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Building a Mystery

The gray sculpture placed in the Chelsea gallery space is almost as tall as Nathan Sawaya. The artist considers the figure of the man, which includes a stiff, plastic version of his own tousled hair. Unlike Sawaya, however, it looks grave and depressing. It’s also made almost entirely out of Lego bricks. Faceless and zombie-like, the statue sports a suit and tie. Most surprising is the fact that a separate, red figure emerges from the gray sculpture’s belly, seeming to gasp for air.

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