What Should Nathan Make?

UPDATE: After thousands of you voted online as to what I should build next, you decided I should make a Famous Landmark. And since more people suggested I build Mt. Rushmore than any other landmark, I finally settled on the famous mountain carving.

So finally, after months and months, I can finally reveal the winning sculpture from the first “What Should Nathan Make?” adventure. Click here to see it.

After thousands of votes, the results are in and it looks like I will be building a Famous Landmark. I will get started right away, and will hopefully have photos for you soon. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make a suggestion and to vote on the choices.

The Results:

Poker Hand – 4.0%
Signs of the Zodiac – 5.6%
Chandelier – 7.2%
Real animal* (i.e, panda bear, shark, penguin, etc.) – 7.2%
Melting ice cream cone – 9.1%
Man in a clear box – 11.0%
Fantasy creature* (i.e, dragon, ogre, tooth fairy, etc) – 16.7%
Spilled box of crayons – 18.1%
Famous landmark* (i.e., Mt. Rushmore, Great Wall of China, London Bridge, etc.) – 19.9%