What Should Nathan Make?

UPDATE: Voting will end appropriately on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, so be sure to vote for what you’d like to see Nathan creating next!

Thanks to everyone for the tons of great comments. As you can see in the photo, I worked hard narrowing down all of the suggestions (and I need a haircut), but in the end I am leaving it up to a vote.

I received tons of great ideas for me to build something from a licensed property (suggestions ranged from Batman to Pokemon and from Star Wars to Stargate, with Halo and Transformers in there too). To avoid risking any legal ramifications, I decided against any licensed properties (Sorry, WALL-E lovers). And although a lot of folks suggested famous people, including some Olympic stars or the next U.S. President, I also crossed out any famous people in general.

In the end, I tried to narrow it down to some random choices that I thought would be fun to make, but I’ll leave it up to you:

This poll is now closed.

I will reveal the winner once I have finished creating it!