Unusual Night

Nathan and Courtney at the SUA Awards

I always knew I was different, some might even say unusual. Well it’s now official. Last Saturday night I was awarded the “Most Creative Unusual Artist” by the Society of Unique Artists in New York. I attended the event with my long-time girlfriend, Courtney, who is not really very unusual, except for the fact that she chooses to hang out with me. Which may or may not be unusual. I was up against some very qualified and talented fellow artists including Calvin Nicholls for his paper art, Huang Taisheng for his leaf art carving and Robert Lang for his origami art. It was an honor to win and I am grateful that the Society is promoting the field of choosing unusual media and non-traditional artforms. They were held at the Jerome L. Greene Center in Soho and were hosted by television personality Danielle Guldin. Thank you to the Society for a truly unusual evening.