Press Statement

I am getting reports out of Germany that there may be a law firm and photo agency claiming to represent photos of my artwork. As a result, they are allegedly asking journalists, media outlets and bloggers to either remove images of my sculptures – including a popular piece titled “Yellow” – from their websites or pay a fee for use of the photos. To be clear, I am not represented by any agencies in Germany.

“Yellow” is by far my most celebrated and iconic piece of art that I have created during my career. Its photo is one of the first images to appear on Google when the simple word “yellow” is searched. It has been used by countless fans as their social media icons, screensavers and avatars. The life-size sculpture of “Yellow” has been seen by more than a million museum goers as part of the global exhibition, THE ART OF THE BRICK®.

I create art for the sole intent of sharing it with the world, sparking creativity and making people smile. It is upsetting to hear that bloggers and press who are trying to report on and share images of my artwork with others are being targeted by these agencies that do not represent me.

I retain the ownership and copyright of this photo and the artwork – and will grant the use of my art images to legitimate news outlets and bloggers for editorial use. If you are interested in using photos of my artwork, please contact me.

-Nathan Sawaya