Nathan gets busted on Mythbusters.

So I got an interesting call. Apparently ‘Mythbusters’ was trying to bust a myth about LEGO. They wanted to create a giant ball out of LEGO and then roll it down a hill to see if it would smash a car. But while they were building it, they ran out of bricks. So they called me.

Well, I was not about to say no to my favorite redhead (Kari, not Adam). So I packed up literally a ton of bricks and headed off to San Francisco.

After a few days of hard work, the Mythbusters team completed the ball. I then got to witness their attempt to roll the ball down the hill. It was unbelievable to see over a million bricks all stuck together in one giant ball. Unfortunately, the ball didn’t roll straight and broke apart way before it hit the car.

See, that’s why I use glue.