I have collaborated with amazing artists over the years: Jim Lee, Dean West, and you could even count Jonathan Coulton. So it was fun when Lady Gaga approached me about collaborating on her next music video.

Gaga’s latest album, ARTPOP, has a lot to do with her life of being caught between both the world of art and the world of pop culture. This resonated with me since I am often creating pop culture references out of a child’s toy and presenting it as art.

One of the main themes we discussed was about making art accessible. And one of the main reasons I use LEGO bricks is to make the art accessible. So it felt like a natural fit to include my artwork in her new video.

It was fun to have Gaga in my art studio brainstorming ideas. Once we settled on a few core concepts I went ahead and started working on the pieces. You may note that there is more than just the Yellow sculpture in the G.U.Y. video. (Can you find them?)

We then traveled to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA for the shooting. It was a beautiful setting and quite the production. Really have to hand it to the Haus of Gaga for putting together such an amazing group of people.

If you are curious, no, it’s not the original “Yellow” in the video. I constructed a new headless version just for Gaga. She truly embodies ARTPOP!

Check out the full video below and behind-the-scene photos here.