Jimmy Kimmel Live

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The night of the LEGOLAND Master Model Builder finals, the three winners were whisked off to LA to do a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As the six fans of the show know, Jimmy has a biting wit so we knew he wasn’t going to let us off easy. Here he had three people who are giving up their careers to build with LEGO full time. He had a field day. We had fun with him though and when he asked us how many 4 year olds we beat out for the job, we snapped back “all of them!” Jimmy also challenged us to build a Super Dave Osborne who was the guest co-hosting the show that week. With only 40 minutes, we were able to come up with a fairly decent representation. The photos above are captured screenshots from the broadcast. I believe the lower middle one is my favorite as I roll my eyes at Jimmy’s “biting” wit.