Hugman in the Park

Not long ago, I asked guests to my exhibition The Art of the Brick at Discovery Times Square to leave a little piece of themselves with me by signing an individual brick as they exited. In turn, I promised to sculpt a piece of artwork that represented a greater sense of community. For weeks I poured over thousands of multi-colored recycled bricks, stopping to read fun messages along the way, signatures that included handles, hashtags and hometown countries far from New York City.


I used over fifty thousand of these bricks to create three larger than life Hugman sculptures to be installed at Clement Clarke Moore Park in the Chelsea Arts District on 10th Avenue and 22nd Street from April 17th to May 16th, 2014.


The development of the Hugman sculpture was birthed from my artistic desire to leave my mark in the form of street art. Several years ago I began anonymously placing Hugman around New York City, as a nod to my passion in constructing the human form. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to place this small figure in each city The Art of the Brick exhibition visits, including Singapore, Melbourne, Brussels and most recently Dublin.


The only limitation thus far was installing them in locations where his arms could fully embrace the object he was ‘hugging’. Thankfully the NYC Parks’ public art program granted me the opportunity to think bigger, a lot bigger…over 7 feet to be exact.


I hope these splashes of color made from recycled LEGO bricks inspire people to explore found art and bring awareness to using reclaimed objects in their everyday lives.