The Liberty Pedestal

When LEGO came out with the Statue of Liberty set, I knew what I had to do. You see, the LEGO set did not come with the pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands. The pedestal accounts for almost half the height of the famous female. If this woman was going to be in my life, I would have to put her up on a pedestal. And that is what I did. At the time, I could only find 2×4 and 2×2 tan bricks in bulk so most of the pedestal is made up of those two elements. I also used a variety of plates that I found in various sets. It remained without the round “radar dishes” around the sides of the pedestal until I discovered Bricklink months later.

I also rebuilt her torch with clear bricks and installed a light that glows inside, which is of course not pictured.

Pedestal: 20" x 14" x 14"