San Diego Comic-Con 2010

I was really honored to be asked to speak on a panel at Comic-Con this year. Joe Meno did a great job moderating the panel talking about various aspects of the LEGO community. I enjoyed the discussions that followed with fellow panelists Jim Foulds, Jonathan Bender and Brandon Griffith. I also got to reveal one of my latest projects (more to follow). It was a packed house and my favorite part was the random questions from the audience asking about everything from our favorite all time LEGO sets, to whether we were hiring. (For the record, not right now.)

I also enjoyed signing books at the TwoMorrows Publishing booth on the show floor. There is nothing like Comic-Con. You really get a broad swath of society. It is one of those only places where you find high-powered movie studio executives mingling with Stormtroopers and think nothing of it. Of course you also might find the Brick Artist and the Power Rangers. Together again.