Pop-Up Book

Last month, Waldo H. Hunt, the “King of the Pop-Up Book,” died at age 88. To commemorate his passing and the uniqueness that is the pop-up book, I am unveiling my own giant LEGO pop-up book.

This particular pop-up book is created entirely out of LEGO pieces, and is illustrating a poem I wrote a few years ago. The poem is printed along the ‘pages’ of the book. Here’s the poem:

This is a poem
About a girl in a boat,
Who kept sailing around
The confines of a moat.
The moat went around
A very big palace
Inside lived a prince,
And his maid Alice.
The prince had no problems.
His life was pure pleasure.
But his love for that girl,
He could not measure.
And the girl loved him back.
Their love had been bound.
But she still sailed on her boat.
Around and around.
She didn’t dare stop
For around the moat’s edge
Were sharp jagged rocks
Where her boat could not wedge.
The prince watched her each day,
And watched her each night.
They’d talk all the time.
But it just wasn’t right.
He begged her to jump.
And leave the boat far below.
But she kept sailing around,
Not ready to go.
“I’ll catch you,” he promised.
There will be no harm.”
And she wanted to go
And live in his arms.
But the boat seemed so safe.
And the jump seemed so big.
She could not just leave,
And abandon her rig.
“Finally,” the prince said,
As he jumped on her boat.
“If you won’t come to me,
Then I’ll sail on the moat!”
And they sailed on her boat,
Just watching the palace.
But they could not go back,
‘Cuz it was now owned by Alice.
The moral of the story,
If you must know:
If you stay where you are,
Then you may never go.
So if one would jump,
And prepare for the hassle,
One day they will find,
They can live in the castle.

43" x 52" x 30"