LEGO Elvis has Left the Building

Some people grew up playing with LEGO, others grew up rocking to the King. Put the two together and you get … a fusion of everlasting fun that never leaves the building.

To commemorate the 34th anniversary of Elvis’ passing, I went Viva Las Vegas, memorialized the King the only way I know how and did a quick comparison of the two legends.

Here’s how they stack up…

Elvis – Most popular singer of our time
LEGO – Most popular toy of our time

Elvis – A cultural icon
LEGO – A cultural phenomenon

Elvis – Born in 1935
LEGO – Company named in 1934 (so close!)

Elvis – The top selling solo artist in the history of popular music
LEGO – One of the top selling toys of all time

Elvis – Regarded as one of the most important figures in 20th century pop culture
LEGO – One of the most highly regarded companies in the world

Elvis – Sex symbol that attracted throngs of women
LEGO – ok, nevermind