Adventures of Hugman

Months and months ago I decided I wanted to do some sort of graffiti. Now being The Brick Artist, I of course had to use bricks. This posed a few problems initially, but eventually I came up with my own form of tagging: Hugman

Hugman likes to give hugs. He hugs sign poles. He hugs park benches. He hugs bike racks. He hugs fence posts. He hugs almost anything he can fit his arms around.

I started placing Hugmen all around New York City. They tend to stay for a day or two before they walk off. Recently I have taken Hugman along when I’m traveling, and left Hugmen in various parts of the country.

(See full map here.)

View LEGO Graffiti – Hugman Map in a larger map

Here is a video about the creation of Hugman and his adventures:

Thanks to Kohei Nishiyama for coining the name “Hugman” and to Dean West and Joanna Best for some great photos.