Fully Functioning PC

When PC Magazine needed a LEGO PC for the cover of their magazine, I was happy to help out, and created a colorful PC out of LEGO bricks. The folks over at PC Magazine liked it so much, they decided they wanted to have a contest where they gave away a working PC built out of LEGO bricks. Oh what fun.

I have built some functioning models in the past. In fact, I used a LEGO Mindstorms kit to make my replica of an air conditioner actually create a cool breeze, but building a fully functioning PC seemed like quite a challenge. Fortunately, I had the help of PC Magazine’s Executive Editor, Jeremy Kaplan. After I created the outer shell of the CPU and Monitor out of LEGO bricks, Jeremy and I then spent countless hours installing the internal mechanics of the machine. Using several different LEGO building techniques, we were able to mount the computer parts inside and actually make a working computer. It was indeed challenging to make it all come together, but after a lot of work, we finally had a functioning LEGO PC.

And the best part was, the winner of the contest waited almost a whole two weeks before putting it up on eBay.