Exhibition at ArtScience Museum in Singapore

Very excited to share these photos from the opening of The Art of the Brick at The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The museum is an architectual masterpiece, looking like a cross between an open palm of a hand and a lotus flower. The team did a great job of designing the different fingers (or petals) of the museum with different themed galleries. For example one of the galleries was very serene with white walls and a few portraits to reflect upon, while the next was all human form sculptures “walking” on a fashion catwalk with techno music pumping through that gallery. My favorite might have been the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in a gallery complete with jungle sound effects including a dinosaur roar.

It is always fun to see the smiles on people’s faces as they stroll through the exhibition. There was definitely a great sense of enthusiasm. I also enjoyed my first trip to Singapore. The people were friendly, the food was delicious, and I had my first durian. For those of not familiar with durian, it is a fruit that tastes similar to tapioca mixed with foot odor. It’s an acquired taste.