Do you sell the sculptures featured on your Web Site?
Yes! I love making more room in my studio, so please take some of these off my hands. However, please note that most of the art appearing on the website has already been sold. You may contact Avant Gallery to check for a specific piece. You can also contact me through my website for commissioned work.
Do you build custom projects?
Yes, one of the best parts of my job is receiving commission requests from around the world full of unique and challenging ideas.
Do you have instructions for your creations so that I may duplicate them on my own?
No, I do not provide instructions for the artwork.
Why is LEGO art so costly?
Compared to what? You are getting a one of a kind piece of art at a steal., I have to cover my costs of materials, but you are saving so much money on my creativity, which is of course priceless.
How long will it take to get my custom order?
It all depends on the size of your order. I’ve filled orders in as little time as an evening while other larger projects have taken a bit longer. I recommend at least a 4-6 weeks lead time, but if you are in a bind and you desperately need a sculpture, I’ll be happy to do my best to make it happen.
Do you do speaking engagements?
Yes, I love inspiring folks all over the world. I have done speaking engagements for some of the world’s biggest names including: Google, Yahoo!, the Clinton Library, and others.
How big can my art project be?
As big as your imagination. And your wallet.