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Sydney Opening

Sydney Opening Banners

I was lucky enough to go back to Australia for a second time this year for the opening of The Art of the Brick in Sydney, Australia. It was a great turn out and I got to meet a lot of excellent folks, er, mates.

See all photos from the event in the Gallery

My experience at Google’s Zeitgeist conference in Scottsdale, AZ

Nathan at Google Zeigeist Conference

Zeitgeist is German for “the spirit of the times.” I took German in school, but it didn’t prepare me for the passionate spirit and great minds of our times that were collectively present at Google Zeitgeist 2011 this week. The conference included so many marquee names that I could never list them all, but I also will never forget that I shared my personal journey and the stage that day with Cory Booker, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Sir Richard Branson, Neil Turok, Scooter Braun and Tony Hawk. Other speakers included Arianna Huffington, Ted Koppel, Eike Batista, Chelsea Clinton, Celine & Fabien Cousteau, Deepak Chopra and Mark Cuban. It was humbling to be ask to present and I was honored to speak along side them. As requested – I told my story, focused on the transition from lawyer to artist, and highlighted how “The Art of the Brick” exhibitions are opening up the art world to children around the world through a familiar medium. I discovered more in three days in Scottsdale than I did in German class, and now I truly understand the meaning of Zeitgeist. (Many of these amazing talks can be viewed on Youtube, enjoy. )