Hugman in the Park

Not long ago, I asked guests to my exhibition The Art of the Brick at Discovery Times Square to leave a little piece of themselves with me by signing an individual brick as they exited. In turn, I promised to sculpt a piece of artwork that represented a greater sense of community. For weeks I poured over thousands of multi-colored recycled bricks, stopping to read fun messages along the way, signatures that included handles, hashtags and hometown countries far from New York City.



Join the Art Revolution


I am pleased to be announcing a project that has been very close to my heart and a big driving force for me as an individual and artist – the formation of a nonprofit giving organization called the Art Revolution Foundation.

Art Revolution’s mission is to raise awareness and funds to put art supplies in kids’ hands, to fund programs that put arts education back into America’s schools and to support organizations that conduct art therapy for the ill and elderly. Its key message, “art is not optional,” is driven by the alarming devaluation of the arts in today’s schools and communities. With so many educational institutions cutting back on arts-related programs due to budgets and state mandates, children are not getting the creative inspiration, drive and knowledge that art education offers. Art Revolution drives to change that.